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What we can offer you

At IAG, our purpose is to make your world a safer place.

Risk Partners supports this purpose by empowering our customers to understand and manage their risks and recover rapidly from unexpected incident, crisis or event.

We aspire to be the risk partner of choice for our underwriters, our broker partners, customers and industries more broadly.

We deliver valued risk support and advice, seamlessly and easily, turning your risks into opportunities.

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Underwriting partners

Enhance Underwriting through improved risk selection, education and advancing risk improvement.

Broking partners

Enhance your Customer Value Proposition through risk education, improved risk placement and broadened risk offering.


Enable customers to understand, identify and manage risks, build resilience and connect to commercial opportunity.

Industry bodies

Increased awareness of industry wide risks, education and connection to scalable risk solutions.

Our Services

IAG Risk Partners offers a suite of risk services and solutions to enable you to identify and understand your risks, manage those risks and recover rapidly, in the event of a loss.

Risk awareness

We work with you to identify, understand and build your awareness of the risks specific to your business and industry.

Risk education and training

Supporting you in continual improvement, we offer a range of educational opportunities including e-learning, training sessions and workshops tailored to your needs.

Risk quality rating

Our risk quality measure looks at the hazards present in your business and the contributing risk factors, to establish a risk quality score that can be benchmarked against your industry as well as your own performance.


Risk Partners’ 5 Star Benchmark Risk Quality Model is a proprietary risk quality measure that has been developed through risk data collected across Australia and New Zealand.

Risk advice and recommendations

Specific advice and recommendations to help you create and articulate a concise risk management strategy directed at improving your risk quality rating against your industry’s benchmark.

Risk consulting

Our consultants will work with you to identify and implement the most suitable and practical solutions to mitigate the risks to your business.

Our range

We offer these services across a range of risk areas including enterprise risk management and:

Why would you choose us?

IAG Risk Partners boasts one of the largest teams of qualified risk engineers and risk management professionals in the Australasian market. With an experienced, stable risk management team and comprehensive quality control capability, we have the resources with the credibility, reputation and track record to deliver upon your operational risk management needs. Our unique national presence and diversified product offering alleviates the burden of managing multiple risk management providers, allowing you to focus on business growth.

What benefits will you receive?

We take away the surprises, so you can unlock your business potential and get on with growing your business with confidence.

Working with IAG Risk Partners to facilitate risk mitigation strategies and build business resilience, empowers you to differentiate your business from your competitors and enhance profitability and shareholder value by:

  • Certainty – Assuring shareholders, employees and customers
  • Positive Culture – Supporting a positive safety and care culture
  • Resilience – Enhanced ability to withstand shocks and incidents, rapid recovery and certainty of supply
  • Regulatory license – ensure baseline compliance.
  • Social Licence – ability to take care of your social responsibilities
  • Commercial value – Attract mature investors, access new supply contracts
  • Grow with confidence

Furthermore, partnering with us enables you to identify exposures, assess management practices and provide risk ratings through a multi-risk view to enhance insurance program design, achieving the best possible insurance placement terms.

How do we deliver value to your business?

When it comes to risk we give you what you don’t have:

  • Risk insight
  • A risk quality measure with Industry benchmarking
  • Clear, concise and measurable risk improvement strategies connected directly to your risk quality score
  • Access to great data, great experience and great advice.

All this delivered by a risk brand you can trust: IAG.