Transform your business with a Virtual Risk Assessment

Constant worldly changes and existing and emerging pressures can pose a risk to businesses. And in the current environment where safety is paramount, many businesses are pivoting their practices into the virtual world to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances – including virtual property assessments, surveys, and risk valuations.


What is a Virtual Risk Assessment?

A Virtual Risk Assessment (VRA) is a risk assessment conducted in a virtual environment, using technology in conjunction with available data. Underwriters, Brokers, Risk Engineers and Consultants are all essential to the VRA process.


What are the advantages of a Virtual Risk Assessment?

The advantage of conducting a VRA is not only the ability to assist in keeping customers safe, saving time, and maintaining capacity to conduct onsite high hazard risk surveys, but also the power to reach customers and help them at anytime from anywhere – especially for those with businesses in remote areas.

The advantages of a VRA include:

  • Inclusivity
  • Efficiency
  • Economical in time and cost
  • Ability to access customers in remote areas

To direct and complete a VRA all that is needed is access to a computer with an internet connection, a webcam, and a smart phone with basic video conferencing capability.

When setting up a VRA, just remember to be mindful of cyber security when using video conferencing platforms. Webex is a recommended secure platform that can be used for a VRA.


How can a Virtual Risk Assessment assist business?

In comparison to a conventional site inspection, a VRA requires no additional time or effort. And while information is traditionally collected during face-to-face site visits, VRAs require information to be submitted beforehand – saving time for both customers and assessors.

Granted the appropriate documented evidence, visual imagery and accompanying supporting materials are supplied, Underwriters will accept the assessment, findings, and recommendations from a VRA.

Once things can get back to business as usual, we advise to strengthen customer relationships with follow up site visits at the right time.

VRA is quickly becoming the new normal in the way Underwriters, Partners and Customers interact – and based on positive feedback around the VRA experience – it’s clearly an efficient and economical way to conduct business.


Organise a Virtual Risk Assessment

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