What is business resilience?

Business resilience is your ability to quickly adapt and respond to business interruptions, safeguard your people and assets, and maintain business operations (keep your doors open). It’s not just natural disasters that your business needs the ability to weather. Some of the top business disruption concerns these days can include cyber attack, IT system failures, supply chain interruption, talent availability, terrorism, health and safety and community and customer reputation.  


Helping you make your business more resilient

As a good business operator, you’re constantly looking hard at what is needed to better identify and manage all kinds of risks – strategic, operational, financial and compliance. Having an effective risk management framework has become a critically important tool to assist you in gaining an edge over your competitors.

Our approach to building business resilience enables you to develop and implement a fully integrated system of planning, education, role clarity, communication and testing, ensuring you are prepared to respond to whatever crisis the world throws at your business.

Our services include:

  • Business continuity strategy
  • Emergency management and critical incident response planning
  • Crisis management planning and response
  • Best practice response operating models
  • Awareness, training and education, scenario testing.

Your business will benefit through:

  • Reduced impact of crisis, event or business disruption
  • Improved recovery times
  • Structured and effective management decision making
  • Continuity of business operations during crisis
  • Improved employee and customer safety and certainty
  • Reduced customer, reputation and brand impact.

Talk to IAG Risk Partners about how we can work with you to make your business more resilient.