Your people are your priority.

We know your people make your business. You also care about their safety and wellbeing, not just to keep your business going strong, but also so they can return home safely to their families at the end of every day.

Workplace Health & Safety is a key management responsibility for every business, legislation is in place requiring businesses to take responsibility for:

  • Making the business safe
  • Ensuring WHS is an integral part of the business.

Having a quality WHS management system ensures your organisations continuous improvement towards safety and prevention of illness or injury to workers and others within your workplace.


A good WHS management system incorporates:

  • WHS policy and programs
  • WHS risk management
  • Mechanisms and processes to inform and consult works
  • Tools that ensure your managers, supervisors and workers can measure, monitor and review the effectiveness of systems.

In our opinion, most safety risk audits assess the status of an existing management system and only highlight where the system’s performance measures have not been met.

The IAG Risk Partners WHS Risk Review process goes beyond contemporary safety auditing; our review methodology has been developed to ensure the legislative requirements of relevant health and safety legislations are identified and that any measures to control workplace hazards and risks meet mandated standards. This crucial factor is often missed in traditional safety risk audit programs.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of your organisations commitment to safety
  • Desktop audit of the existing WHS management system
  • Hazard identification and the risk assessment process
  • Training and awareness programs
  • Site based audits that assess effectiveness of implemented safety systems
  • Guidance around incident and injury management.

Your business will benefit through:

  • Understanding of the maturity of your workplace health and safety management system and ability to identify potential non-compliance with WHS/OHS Act or Regulations
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement by reviewing the existing approach to managing workplace occupational health and safety
  • Identify any risks relating to governance of relevant health and safety legislative requirements – this will involve consultation with key stakeholders who are pivotal to the management of health and safety on premises
  • Validating the findings from the risk review of management systems, compliance and contemporary safety issues
  • Ensure that your inspection regime is focussed and addresses the operational WHS/OHS concerns, based on evidence of actual performance.

Our WHS/OHS Risk Review in more detail

The stages of our WHS/OHS Risk Review approach are as follows:

  1. Desktop Documentation Review of WHS Management System
  2. Regulatory compliance review
  3. Contemporary Safety Issues Review
  4. Site Validation
  5. WHS/OHS Report.

Desktop Documentation Review of WHS Management System

The first step is to identify any gaps in compliance with health and safety legislation, and to review your systems and strategies to proactively manage workplace hazards and risks.

IAG Risk Partners has certified WHS auditors who will conduct a desktop review of all relevant documentations and records based on relevant management system criteria e.g. ISO 45001 specifications relating to management of workplace health and safety, or National Self Insurers Audit tool.

Your WHS Management System will be reviewed focussing on accompany policies, people safety planning, implementation and measurement and evaluation.

Regulatory compliance review

Proactive management rather than a monitoring approach to regulatory compliance is now a strategic necessity, our safety consultants can provide support, advice and assurance to help you manage your regulatory risks.

Elements considered include:

Contemporary safety issues

Our certified WHS auditors provide a proactive management solution rather than a monitoring approach to safety and regulatory compliance. IAG Risk Partners defines contemporary safety issues to be those concerns that attract considerable regulatory attention even though they are not subject to any specific regulations.

Site validation

Upon completion of the WHS Management System review, compliance and contemporary safety issues review, IAG Risk Partners would complete on-site inspections to verify the management of Workplace Health and Safety against the criteria set out in the Standard, Regulations and any identified contemporary safety concerns.

A key benefit of the site validation step is to ensure regulatory compliance with OHS/WHS Act and Regulations to identify any unacceptable workplace hazards and to identify opportunities to develop a continuous improvement health and safety model.

Final report

Our final report will capture the above process and findings. It will provide you with a view on the immediate and future requirements and identify other opportunities for future improvement.

Outcomes described in the report will provide you with a tool to demonstrate due diligence, as the report will identify any significant safety gaps, so that officers can take appropriate action and include a prioritised safety action plan to ensure compliance with mandatory OHS/WHS legislation.

The audited sites will be rated in accordance with our IAG Risk Partners 5 Star Rating Benchmark system. This provides a simple and easy to understand rating that considers passive and active risk management initiatives.

Recommendations contained in reports are ranked in accordance with ISO 31000 methodology. We work to identify, analyse, evaluate and treat risk associated with the management of people safety. In addition to the High, Medium or Low ranking we offer commentary to assist with recommendation/action plan prioritisation

How your business will benefit

If implemented well, managing people safety can reduce injuries, improve culture/morale, ensure business continuity, and in combination these all add up to improve the bottom line and help the business run more successfully and smoothly.

Successful compliance with workplace health and safety laws involves continuous identification and assessment of workplace risks and implementing effective control measures. The process needs to involve everyone in the workplace but will not be successful without the commitment of senior management. Officers must become safety leaders, not only to fulfil their obligations under OHS/WHS legislation, but to position their organisation to enable a continuous improvement mindset and to develop a health and safety culture.

IAG Risk Partners WHS solution ensures that your exposure to health and safety risks are identified, assessment and controlled in a manner exceeding basic compliance. This enables all officers to fully understand obligations and provides a framework to determine a viable OHS/WHS strategy.

Talk to IAG Risk Partners about how we can work with you to protect your people.