Connecting customers to solutions that create a safety focused culture.

Our approach to Fleet Safety can help you create a safety focused culture that will save you money by ensuring your vehicle fleet is always available and that your people are happy, healthy and in a safe environment, helping them perform at their peak.

As one of Australia’s leading providers of motor fleet insurance and risk management services, IAG has firsthand knowledge of the physical and emotional costs associated with motor vehicle collisions. We also know these costs can be reduced through a strong approach to risk management, driver education and safety measures.

IAG Risk Partners 5 Star Risk Quality Model is a proprietary risk quality measure developed through risk and loss data collected over 160 years of providing risk advice and insurance protection to Australian and New Zealand Fleet managers.

Our risk quality measure looks at the inherent hazard present in your business by examining your operations and determining which factors influence the chances of a collision occurring, such as:

  • Management controls and procedures
  • Driving-related policies
  • Audit process to ensure awareness of and adherence to policies
  • Implementation of risk management programs (on topics like fatigue or driver selection)
  • Vehicle safety rating.

We then consider management controls and safety practices across a range of areas such as commitment to safety, driver induction and training, driver administration and monitoring, vehicle management and incident management to establish your fleet safety residual risk quality score.

Our data will then provide insight to benchmark your business against industry quality scores and best practice risk quality providing you with specific advice on what measure you can take to achieve both industry and best practice quality levels.

Your business will benefit through:

  • Understanding your fleet safety risk potential and highlight any gaps in your current management approach
  • Awareness of how you compare to your industry and best practice standards
  • Specific advice and recommendations to support you to create and articulate a concise fleet safety risk management and safety culture strategy
  • Consulting support where needed to support the implementation of your risk mitigation strategies
  • A recognised and trusted risk quality report that will enable you to present your management and business qualities for better commercial outcomes – competitive insurance and finance costs, open the door to broader supply chain opportunities
  • Risk awareness and management training available to your people
  • Access to one of Australia’s largest team of risk engineers and professional risk consultants.

Our key focus is to provide our customers with objective advice that considers best practice in;

  • Documentation – policy content and connectivity
  • Communication – application and engagement effectiveness
  • Management – responsibility and understanding
  • Role and responsibilities – defined and applied.

Risk management framework

risk management framework, risk partners

The impact of technology

We’re continually evolving our fleet safety approach in response to new technologies that are designed to improve vehicle and driving safety. Technology that has or may impact fleet safety includes:

  • Telematics – provides data on the location, movements and behaviour of a vehicle and its driver
  • Smartphone apps – to provide anything from driver safety training to seamless claims
  • Autonomous vehicles – from autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning systems up to advanced driver assistance systems, this technology has complex risk implications.

Talk to us about your business and fleet safety concerns – we’re here to help.