Protect your assets

Our approach to asset protection can help you build a more effective risk management strategy ensuring your business is always operational and ready to grow.

Our goal is to protect your assets and prevent interruption to your business. Our 5 Star Property Risk Engineering reports are intended to assist you understand how well you are currently managing asset risk prevention and response measures in your business.


The report provides a site evaluation based on the collection of risk information and data relative to the site. The evaluation is focused on risks from fire & explosion and natural hazards. It provides the site’s risk quality score based on IAG Risk Partners proprietary risk rating criteria and provides a risk improvement strategy that can be used to improve the risk quality score of the location.

Our approach to asset protection and loss prevention can help you:

  • Build a more effective risk management strategy
  • Increase operational resilience and reliability in your business
  • Improve desirability with insurers, assisting to achieve best insurance placement outcomes in any market conditions

Report Scope

Each report is a site-specific evaluation and covers:

  • Site layout and interdependencies
  • Assessment of building construction combustibility
  • Validation of occupancy type and key equipment
  • Identification of operational and process related hazards
  • Assessment of the adequacy of risk prevention and response measures (physical and procedural)
  • Natural hazard and miscellaneous perils assessment
  • Site security review
  • Business resilience review
  • Evaluation of property loss potentials under the following assumed scenarios:
    o Probable Maximum Loss (PML)
    o Normal Loss Expectancy (NLE)

The information and data that support the evaluation and Risk Quality Score have been derived from:

  • A site visit (virtual and / or actual – as applicable) including a walk-through (virtual and / or actual) inspection of the buildings and property
  • Interviews and discussions, via virtual platform with representative(s) nominated by the insured:
  • Use of IAG proprietary tools and risk data.
  • Reviews of previous loss control reports (if available) and publicly available information.

IAG Risk Partners 5 Star Risk Quality Score is a proprietary risk quality measure developed through risk and loss data collected over 160 years of providing risk and insurance protection to Australian and New Zealand businesses. It provides a risk quality rating for the site indicating how well the site related hazards and exposures are managed.

Our risk quality assessment looks at the inherent hazard present in your business by examining the construction, occupation and operational related hazards presented within your assets. We then consider your active and passive protection features and management controls to establish a residual risk quality score.

The risk quality score is relative only to the areas evaluated (refer Report Scope above) and should be viewed against the maximum score possible for the named site should all IAG Risk Partners risk improvement recommendation be implemented and operationalised.

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