Protect your assets

Our approach to asset protection can help you build a more effective risk management strategy ensuring your business is always operational and ready to grow. Our goal is to protect your assets and prevent interruption to your business.

IAG Risk Partners 5 Star Benchmark Risk Quality Model is a proprietary risk quality measure developed through risk and loss data collected over 160 years of providing risk and insurance protection to Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Our risk quality measure looks at the inherent hazard present in your business by examining the construction, occupation, geographic location and special hazards presented within your assets. We then consider your active and passive protection features, management controls and business resilience practices to establish a residual risk quality score.


We then use our data insight to benchmark your business against industry standard and best practice risk quality scores and provide you with specific advice on what measures you can take to achieve both industry and best practice quality levels.

Your business will benefit through:

  • Understanding your asset risk potential and highlight any gaps in your current management approach
  • Awareness of how you compare to your industry peers and best practice measures
  • Specific advice and recommendations to help you create and articulate a concise asset risk management strategy
  • Project support in implementing and managing your asset risk mitigation strategies
  • A recognised and trusted risk quality report that will enable you to present your management and business qualities to the world for great commercial outcomes – competitive insurance terms, alternative finance options, opening the door to broader supply chain opportunities
  • Risk awareness and management training available to your people
  • Access to and support from one of Australia’s largest team of risk engineers and professional risk consultants.

Some of the core areas that we provide risk management advice include:

  • Construction and building risks
  • Special Hazards assessment and management
  • Fixed protection engineering strategies
  • Natural Perils resilience and mitigation
  • Resilience

Contact us to talk about how an asset protection specialist can help your business.