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IAG Risk Partners is pleased to offer expertise across a range of areas, including people safety (Coming Soon), fleet safety, asset protection and business resilience.

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Find out more about IAG Risk Partners and the support we can offer to help you improve the quality of your risk and build resilience in your business, making you a more attractive partner, supplier and customer.

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We offer a suite of risk services and solutions to help raise your awareness, measure and benchmark your risk quality, improve your risk management practices and recover rapidly from the unexpected.

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Prepare your site for flood with an Emergency Response Plan

November 24, 2021

Over the years Australia has experienced many extreme weather events, from fire and floods to hail and storms. While severe weather events and the potential impacts they cause are equally destructive, floods are one of the costliest natural perils in the country. But by creating a flood emergency response plan… Read more

Is your business bushfire ready?

November 15, 2021

If you live in Australia, then you’ll know all too well that bushfires are a natural and essential part of the Australian environment. For thousands of years bushfires have occurred across the country – and whether they’re unexpected or not – one thing is for sure: when bushfires happen, they… Read more

What’s your Emergency Response Plan?

October 5, 2021

You would do anything to protect your business from danger – and that’s just one of the reasons why having an Emergency Response Plan is crucial. Not only does having an Emergency Response Plan in place minimise the probability of the business incurring huge losses in case of crises such… Read more